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Interior Design of A Study

Tidy Study Area

Tidy Study Area

A workspace can either be a creative hot bed of inspiration and happiness, or it can be a place that you spend most of your time resisting. It is a proven fact that working in a place you actually like can result in much better creations. Everyone is more efficient when they’re happy- that’s just a well known truth.

If this workspace doesn’t make you happy, then nothing will. Just look at how well the space has been used. It is practically a corner, nothing more. It is by the side of a staircase, but the area has been used so efficiently that it is easy to see how a person would work so well here.

It is simplistic, and unpretentious. There are no unnecessary additions to this place. All the owners and decorators have done is to fix a few nice shelves and spaces below the staircase, and place a spacious counter for work and computer usage.

The details, however, are what make this space what it is. If you notice carefully, there have been frivolous details added to the wall by the stairs. Typography has been explored, along with the placement of personal pictures that give the space a cozy, homely feeling.

The color palette mostly includes white and redwood, but other colors are found in the books and CDs. The two desk chairs are simplistic and efficient, with no extra decoration. There aren’t any objects cluttering the desk space, so there is scope for a lot of work. A clean space means a clean mind.

Just because a place is for work, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it. The area still has a youthful, funky feel to it. A good indicator of this is the furry rug that lies on the ground. It is off white, so it still does not become overwhelming, but it definitely adds a fun element to the place.

All in all, not many people can work here, but for simple work that can be done from home, this is the place. It is comfortable, clean and simple- ensuring maximum efficiency and minimum boredom.

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