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Interior design of a TV-Den room

Perfect room for home theater

Perfect room for home theater

I watch television all the time, and have to admit, it isn’t only the gadget that influences my satisfaction. The things that influence satisfaction include the sound, the space of the particular room, the view, the lighting, and of course, the color of the overall room. A light colored, polished wooden floor has always been something absolutely perfect and able to fit in anywhere for me, and that opinion does not change when I look at this room. The smoothness of the floor makes the room look clean, calm, and pretty. The carpet in the very middle of the room is the best example of beauty in simplicity. The carpet is a sharp rectangle, colored a pure white, similar to the walls. Somehow, the carpet connects the room together with the use of the color white, making it more attractive. The eye does not stay on one thing but many.

The rest of the room is relatively easy to describe because I can’t find a whole lot wrong with it. It is decorated well- as seen by the lovely red plants growing in front of the glass on the wall adjacent to the television. Opposite this wall are windows that are simple and reveal a lovely view. Large windows are always the center of attraction because they expose beauty and allow in light and wind. The furniture comprises of the long black sofa, which is classy and spacious. The television is black as well. The sloping ceiling is wooden and matches the floor. The white walls make the room look peaceful. It gives off a perfect atmosphere for a television room. This room is excellently designed in all aspects- looks, space, and lighting as well with the lanterns hanging from the ceiling. It is decorated well and also looks easy to maintain which is quite a bonus.

The lantern hanging from the ceiling is amazing, resembling diverging petals of a flower. The white walls of the room offer contrast to the dark colored center table and sofa chairs. The room is spacious, full of life, and has a certain degree of wildness to it. I would enjoy sitting in a room like this, because it seems like it always has something new to offer.

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