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Interior Design of a TV Room-cum-Den

Simple Den

Simple Den

One of the most important objectives interior designers have is to maximize space and make sure it is utilized efficiently and properly. Architects and interior designers have this in common, since space is so hard to come by these days, what with soaring prices. But designers can never, and should never, reduce the total amount of space in a room. Instead, they should make sure they divide it properly. I feel that is done very well when it comes to this room. Usually, people find that in a television room, there rarely is enough space. Especially in a big family, we might find a great many things near the television. They can be DVD players, speakers, game consoles, anything. So the difficulty in a television area is to make sure all these things are set spaced out from each other, to make sure no wires get tangled or damaged, and at the same time, to make sure the whole setup doesn’t take up too much of the room’s space.

All that sounds impossible, but not when you look at this room. The shelf holding the television consists of three platform shelves, attached to a vertical black support, which is in turn attached to the cream colored wall behind it. The shelves are white in color to contrast with the black support. The topmost shelf holds a pair of small speakers. The second and third shelves hold CDs, and have space for the things I mentioned- DVD players, game consoles, etc. Between the first and second shelf, the television is attached. The television follows the theme of the shelf- black and silver, very well.

Now, the smart thing to realize in this clever design is that this one shelf holds things that could take up, horizontally, quarter of an entire room, and that is surely something to be commended. It is a smart, space ensuring, lovely design to put in your home.

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