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Interior design of a utilitarian bathroom

Utilitarian Bathroom

Utilitarian Bathroom

These days, when hygiene is so important, the most important place for it is the bathroom. People obsessed with cleanliness sometimes refuse to use a bathroom that is not up to their standards of cleanliness. In luxury hotels and resorts, the bathrooms are extremely and spotlessly clean, because that’s how it’s meant to be. Bathrooms are places that accumulate dirt most, and very easily and frequently at that. But other than cleanliness, the general level of appeal of that bathroom must be taken care of as well.

Making a bathroom look attractive is the first step towards designing a fantastic bathroom. A common type of bathroom is a classy, ordinary white one, with shiny walls and floors, and clean surfaces. But to theme a bathroom differently is a risk worth taking, a risk that has been taken in this design.

This bathroom diverts from the tradition of using cool colors like black and white, by using the warm colors of wood and stone, and lighting the place with pulsating, glowing lights near the mirror. The wash basin is a rectangular bright white color. The rest of the basin platform is wooden. The tap on the basin is a stylish silver color. The mirror is hung on a wooden wall, and is a long rectangle. The shower area is made of stone. The wall facing the shower is the same as the rest of the bathroom- an earthy beige, but the rest of the shower area is made in mosaic stone tiles. These tiles offer some contrast with the other parts of the bathroom, and make this part look very good and innovative. This bathroom is a small one, but is still free of clutter. There is plenty of space in it. It has welcoming shades of colors, and seems solid and easy to maintain too.

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