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Interior Design of An Apartment

Apartment Design

Apartment Design

Single women and men everywhere are always on the look out for a nice, compact space to call their own. As singletons living life in the cities and towns of the world, they need a place that will allow them to crash anytime and still be stylish and chic. This is such an apartment.

As a living room, it contains everything that one needs to make a good space. It is generously sized, spacious, airy and full of light. The great thing about it is that the interior decorators and owners haven’t stifled the space with unnecessary clutter and darkened the room with dull upholstery.

This room is rather feminine, but not overly so. It is a chic, stylish and comfortable place that is not lacking in color and print. What the owner has done is to minimize the complications and work on only the accents. This means that he or she has kept the furniture and architecture basic, but has used prints and patterns to full effect. This not only adds visual interest, but it creates a sense of vibrancy and life.

The color palette mainly consists of white, blue and red. These are powerful colors but each has different effects on the senses. Blue is a calming color that seems serene and stable, while red is a powerful and warm color. White is neutral, and therein does its power lie.

The striking feature in this room is the lampshade hanging from the wall. It functions as both a light source and a decorative piece. Other than this, the owner has put up graffiti style art works that add excitement and visual interest.

All in all, this is a great room. If you notice, it is not very difficult to copy. It is easy to take inspiration from this room and run with it!

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