Interior design of dining area complements the view outside


While safety, hygiene, simplicity are basic necessities, one is always aware of the aesthetic appeal of a place. Safety is important anywhere, especially in a dining area as shown here. People here need to be assured of safety where they sit or stand.

The ceiling cannot collapse on them, can it? Solidity goes hand in hand with safety. The furniture should be solid to hold large amounts of weight, and should also make sure the design is shapely. Simplicity is always required in a serving area, because it has to constantly be maintained.

The lounge cum dining area is easily one of the classiest designs you would see. The work that has gone into this design is clearly huge. The purple backed seats are held by thick steel rods, and look very comfortable. The long table in front of the chairs is unique because of how it is supported from the ground. Instead of legs, we see spiraling towards the ground. The long table is a polished white in color, and is laid out with sparkly, shiny crystal, all reflecting the daylight coming in through the glass at the other end of the room. Above the table, for decoration, hang several spheres of silver, all clustered together. This unique way of decoration looks beautiful. This room design is intricate, stylish, spacious, and also has a wonderful view. The view reveals bright green grass, along with calm waters, and hills in the horizon. People would give anything to be in the room as well as out of it. Dining here while watching the lovely view would be a privilege. The openness of the room allows one to enjoy the outside and the inside.

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