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Interior design of space with sloped ceilings

Space under a sloped ceiling

Space under a sloped ceiling

Today, most people are shifting to smaller apartments and utilizing smaller spaces instead of spending money on insanely expensive property. Small spaces are easier to maintain, especially as couples are more into work. Cities are being more populated because of extreme urbanization, causing a shift and need to live in smaller spaces as well.

The main thing about a small space is that it needs to be able to accommodate the required furniture and objects, but it also needs to look like it hasn’t been over-stuffed. The room should be bright and breezy and simple. Simplicity is the key to decorating small spaces.

Interior decorators today are also getting more and more comfortable decorating less spacious areas. It is all about the use of color, design and pattern. Visual interest is very important to a space when decorating it. One cannot resort to boring measures that will end up with a generic and store-bought feel.

It is easier to add more personality to a small space. This room is a perfect example of that. It is an attic room, and the sloping roof is used as a wonderful medium that adds interest to it. The roof is not a hindrance, and instead makes the seating area look cozier.

Color has been given importance. There is a lot of white used in the room. White is a great color to use for small spaces, as they give the illusion of creating more space. White is a light reflecting color, and hence adds a breezy simplicity to the area.

Personality has been added to the room in terms of the art work that has been displayed. There is a lovely vintage poster that gives the room a chic, artsy edge. The olive green coffee table is a unique and original twist to an otherwise basic room.

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