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Interior Design To Suit The Spectacular View

Bedroom with a view

Bedroom with a view

A room with a view is an unfulfilled wish for most. It is a luxury that cannot be afforded by all. These people, however, can afford this luxury. Hopefully they are enjoying the view. They seem to be, judging by how they have taken advantage of it by decorating the room so well.

This is a pretty big bedroom that is dominated by windows. The cross ventilation of the place is simply incredible. Something that matches this is the view, of course. Windows dominate the walls, and the light and breeze that creates the relaxed atmosphere of the place is very apparent. There is no need for artificial lighting at all, thanks to the presence of all the sunlight from outside. Sea breeze is also a given, considering the room can see all the way to the ocean.

The color palette of the room décor is relaxed, with reds, creams and whites dominating. The bed has a white bedcover with a red pillow and patterned bolster. The extendable armchair is a nice pale red that looks pink. It is situated perfectly beside the window to ensure a great reading experience.

The room is very feminine, with a lot of pales and neutrals. This creates a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere that is a perfect complement to the beauty outside. The furniture in the room is also very delicate and pretty, with intricate designs. For example, the study that is placed right under the window is an excellent vintage find. It is decorated with pretty motifs on the sides. The wood is light colored. Dark colored wood tends to look masculine and overly formal and official. This, therefore, is the perfect choice.

Another excellent touch to the décor is the lack of curtains. Instead, there are pretty screens that can be brought down to bring in darkness. Curtains would have been too much for this light, summery room.

All in all, this is a wonderful space that is full of serenity and purity. Use it as a good example.

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