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Interior design using glass

Glass and Class

Glass and Class

For some reason, glass has always been beautiful when it comes to interior design. I can’t disagree, because anything that reflects light and looks clean and calming is indeed beautiful. The only problem I have with glass is that it’s so easy to damage. Scratched glass is as good as broken glass. Therefore it is obvious that glass brings in a sense of delicateness in a room.

Stairs lead to new places, and are introductions to new areas in a house. So ignoring how stairs are designed is a grave mistake, because they have plenty of potential to be the center of attraction in a room. The picture shows this very clearly. The first thing that caught my eye here was the beautiful staircase behind a glass sheet.

The glass sheet is vital because it separates the rest of the area from the staircase. Why is this important? So it catches our attention, that’s why. A small thing to notice in this area is the set of circular lights attached to the ceiling. These lights make the glass look lovely.

The staircase itself is something to really admire. When I look at it, my imagination soars and I think of the steps as levitating. This effect is produced because one side of each of the steps is attached to the wall while the other is attached to the glass plane. The glass is thicker and less easy to look through than the vertical sheet of glass.

Another important point to note when it comes to this design regards safety. Stairs are dangerous. Falling down a staircase is sometimes fatal, and it very often breaks bones. But the steps in the design are solid enough to hold plenty of weight. It is important to keep balance between these two things when building anything- safety and looks.

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