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Interior design with a blue and white theme

Rich blue room

Rich blue room

Walls are pretty much the faces of a home and it is important that they remain clean and look pretty. A pretty house with good decoration would look bad with chipped walls and faded paint. Wallpaper needs to be classy and elegant, and wall paint should be subtle and sophisticated if you want a house that looks good and appeals to everyone.

This is a room that is luxurious, beautiful and different all at the same time. It is painted completely in a navy blue that looks royal and rich. The thing that sets it apart is the fact that the walls are glossed over with lacquer. The lacquer gives the walls a glossy, shiny edge that makes it very glamorous. It is of course veering toward flashy and unsubtle, but it somehow works.

A checked brown chessboard floor is juxtaposed well with the royal blue. It adds some much needed warmth to the room, as blue is known as a cool color. Blue is a shade that is normally used to calm things down, it is pleasant and can be handled by the eyes for long periods of time.

It is interesting to see modernity blending with a penchant for historical elements in the room. If you notice carefully, you will see that the paintings in the room are very modern and edgy and minimalist. They also match the room because the paintings are in different tints and shades of basic blue. This is a nice edge to the space.

The furniture on the other hand is very period-centric. They are elegant and intricate in terms of design. The leather chair in the corner, for example, is very late nineteenth century.

Take inspiration from this room for your future design ideas. It is a great place to look at for ideas and tips on good aesthetics.

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