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Interior Design With A Fireplace


Most houses in cold regions have fireplaces. Fireplaces have been used in Europe and America for countless centuries because of its ability to keep a room warm during the winter months. Fireplaces are placed in any room, mostly the living room, parlor or den, and sometimes even the bedroom. They can be real or artificial. If a fireplace is artificial it is usually powered by electricity. This is definitely more environment-friendly than a real fire.

In olden times, people used to cut down trees for firewood and bring them home to light a fire. The fire would last a few hours and give light and heat. There are many children’s stories in which grandparents would sit in an armchair by the fireplace and read to their grandchildren.

Fireplaces are not really used today, but when they are, they are usually electric. It is quite hazardous to have a real fire going because in a closed space, carbon monoxide fumes can percolate. Electric fires are easy to start as well. Plus you don’t have to go all the way into the woods to collect firewood.

We must not forget the visual appeal of a fireplace. It is a beautiful thing to look at. Fire is always entrancing and people love watching the flames rise. Fire provides unimaginable warmth to a cold home.

Nowadays, people go for modern fireplaces or contemporary stoves with minimalist decoration. It is however nicer to get a nice vintage looking fireplace with a pretty gilded frame. You can save space atop the fireplace to arrange your curios or family photographs. By matching the photo frames with the fireplace, you can have lovely unity in design.

If you live in a warm area, the need for a fireplace is probably nil. However, if you live in a cold area or have a lodge somewhere in the mountains, then a fireplace or an electric heater for your home is a good idea.

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