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Interior design with black and white theme


Black and white theme

Black and white theme

Designing a room after a chessboard isn’t hard to notice. Of course,
it isn’t just catchy, but also classy. Black and white, individually,
are two very simpe, suave, classy, and stylish colors, so imagine them
in combination. These colors can be sleek and shiny, as well as dull
and ordinary. But used in the right places and on the right things,
they can create masterpieces. Usually we see only snatches of this
theme used, for example, on a carpet, or a table, but usually never
all over a room. The floor is sleek and shiny, a very smooth black in
color. The black reflects the contrasting whites in the room
brilliantly. The carpet on the floor is the first thing that catches
your eye. Its zebra spikes look psychedelic and stunning. The carpet
by itself establishes the exceptional theme o the room.
	The furniture is in general white in color. The chair are supported
by single steel rods each, and ae thin but look solid. The black seats
contrast with white excellently. The two tables are a contrasting
pair, with the lower one being white, and the higher being black. The
hanging lantern looms like a protective moon over the center tables,
and is strategically placed, so its light will definitely reach all
over the room. The television is placed on a white cabinet, beside a
table and a shelf attached to the wall. The white shelf and table
reemphasize just how much space this room has. It is very interesting
how this room is much more spacious than it looks. The long windows
against the black wall are covered partially. This room’s theme is
constantly used, but yet it looks creative and original in a way. It
is filled with a large measure of style and a soft and classy type of
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