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Interior Design With Pink and Mother Of Pearl Furniture

Chest of drawers with mother of pearl

Chest of drawers with mother of pearl

Theater props and movie sets based on the renaissance in Europe have things like the chest of drawers in the picture. Maybe not the color, but the basic structure of it was very common in those ages. A perfect way of bringing out the brightness of a piece of furniture is placing it beside a relatively colorless background (usually white), or on a white floor. The floor over here is carpeted with a feather like carpet, which brings out the theme of white and pink in the design itself.

The first thing a person looks for is appeal, attractiveness, and beauty. These three characteristics involve the use of color, contrast of color, color combinations, and shapes. You’ve got to admit, this design may not be your style, but it is eye catching, and that’s a start.

The next thing I noticed was that even thought it looked complicated, it is not. The structure is very simple. Four tall legs, a lot of space for each drawer, and a spacious platform on top characterize this design. This structure gives the design a feeling of age and antiquity, since it was used many years ago as well.

The handles of each drawer are large and flowery, resembling white roses. The surface of the entire piece except for the top is bright pink with white and inlay designs of mother of pearl all over it.

The top of the drawer is extremely spacious. It is a shiny pink color. Overall, this design is not fantastic, but it is eye catching. It will only be excellent for some people, not for all. You need to have a taste for things like this to actually like it. But not looking at its appeal, it’s very good considering how much space it offers compared with how little it takes up in a room.

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