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Interior Designs for The Teenagers Rooms


Teenager's Room Decor

Teenager's Room Decor

When you have a teenager at home and you plan on remodeling the entire home – remember your teen son or daughter is not going to go with any of your ideas or the ideas put forth by your interior decorator.  So the most important thing here is to ask the teen for ideas and use all the input he or she gives. In fact leave that room the teen to decide what he or she wants there. Remember their lives too are pretty much stressful and they too require a haven or a sanctuary of their own making to retreat into. The need to feel very happy and comfortable in their own rooms and they can do so only if the rooms are what they want to be. In fact you would be quite surprised as to how creative they could be when it comes to ideas – so do consult with them when you design their room.

For the teen rooms bright colors like deep pink, purple, yellow or orange is the rage. You may not quite like this especially when the rest of your home is painted with pale pastel shades.  But given in – the brighter the color the more energetic is the room. They may want wall murals to match up with the current teen craze. These too are doable. Be prepared to see the walls adorned with many posters – here is where the teen shows his personality and there is an immense amount of satisfaction to be close to what he or she identifies with even if it happens to be in the form of posters.

The next thing would be the furniture. A single bed with comfortable mattress and all purpose study table should be what the person requires. May be some throw pillows and an additional single-seater sofa for friends. This is not difficult to provide is it?

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