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Interior Ideas for a Toddler's Room


toddler room

toddler room

Perhaps one of the most challenging of all interior designing and decoration tasks is to design and decorate a toddler’s room. It could be frustrating to the extreme especially if you have a toddler who has ‘artistic’ tendencies at even so young an age and would love to develop it on the walls of the room using crayons all over! You keep changing the wall paper every now and then, and yet you see it all has to come down in a matter of days thanks to the graffiti with crayon. You are definitely at your wits end and keep worrying and wondering what best can be done to get it right!

The first thing to do here is to make sure that whatever you are going to do is not going to be complex or wearisome. Simplicity is important and is perhaps the only solution here. You must make sure that the wall finish for the toddler’s room is such that it can be easily wiped off with a wet cloth or can be washed off easily. If you can make sure that your child will use only one part of the wall for ‘art’, and then use this coat on only part of the wall. But if you think that your child can and will use all the wall, then I am afraid you should give all the walls in the toddler’s room the special coat of paint or finish. This way you are so much at ease with yourself and the child too is tension free, for now the child does not get scolded for using crayons in the walls and life is so much more tension free.

In the toddler’s room use carpets that are soft and easily washable. Most of the time your toddler is going to be in all fours and it would be quite a comfort for him or her to be doing so on the soft carpet.

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