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Interior Walls – Choosing the Wall Color for Small Rooms

Accent Walls

Accent Walls

Among the essentials of home décor choosing the right wall color is indeed important. This at times is even scary because you are never sure of the outcome. While some colors may look amazing on a color palette or on designer houses in interior décor magazines, it may not look quite the same when used in your home walls. This is because the wall is just a part of the interiors and many other elements have to be integrated with this.

This is the reason for you to choose the wall color right. In fact it is indeed the single most important step that is taken while decorating an apartment. Now there are so many strategies and tricks that can be played with colors. For instance if you have a small room and you want to make it look large and spacious go in for light colors. White of course would an ideal choice but it always gives a very neutral and impersonal look, unless it is accented with other colors.  Beige, pale blue or very pale green could be a very good choice of color for the walls. Gray is yet another color that can blend in easily enough with most of the furniture and other fabric and carpet.

If you are going for accents in wall coloring make sure that these accented colors blend in with the furniture and are limited to corners or the bottom of the wall. It would not at all be a bad idea to go in for stickers or wall decal to provide the requisite accent. Choose you wall hangings right and only those that can enhance the style of your wall with regard to color and size. While many pay more attention to the choice of furniture, decorative pieces, carpets and curtains, it is equally important that attention is paid to the choice of wall colors too.

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