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Interiors for a living room-cum-den

wood and leather with line drawings

wood and leather with line drawings

Sometimes it is important to use a simple space and transform it into a well designed area by accessorizing it with interesting objects. This room is a perfect example of taking a basic, simple space and layering it with beautiful art pieces and furniture.

This simple loft space is square and quite small. The living space has simple features. The wooden flooring is unpolished and raw. There are large windows that bring in an ample amount of light. Light is important for small spaces as they ensure airiness and warmth. This room has great cross ventilation. Natural light is also great during the day.

Wooden furniture is what has mostly been used for the room. The television cabinet is made of dark wood that is polished and elegant. It is a sleek, modern looking piece that adds sophistication to the room. The coffee table in front of the sofa is long and horizontal. It is made of light wood and interestingly resembles a picnic table. The other chairs in the room are in various colors like blue and brown leather. The main sofa is long and made up of sophisticated and elegant looking dark brown leather. It is decorated with excitingly patterned cushion covers that are vivacious and youthful.

The most interesting part of this room is that it is full of wonderful pieces of art. The art pieces are modern and funky. They are an eclectic mix of line drawings and colors that are very artsy and creative. They bring in a nice visual interest to the room.

The overall look of the room is simple and youthful without being too immature. It is casual and livable, with a lot of color and light. The room is a good source of inspiration to those who are looking for small studio apartments and lofts.

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