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Interiors with a masculine touch

Simple Interiors

Simple Interiors

In interior design today, there is a stark difference between the masculine features as compared to the femininity. Masculine design usually includes strong tones, bold colors and darker shades. There is a lot of sharp, basic and plain furniture, and no ornate design. Leather is popular material used for masculine offices and dens. Leather is tough and expensive, and conveys understated luxury and power.

Another material very popular in masculine design is wood. Wood is used almost everywhere. Of course, it isn’t just confined to masculine aesthetics, but it is still used a lot. The wood and leather combination create a very rich-man’s-den air that is timeless and classic.

This office space is a perfect example of sophisticated masculine design. It is quite simple, but with a lot of dark tones that give it an unsurpassable class. The room isn’t very large. It is in fact, very compact. The thing that makes the room look great is the use of long frosted glass panels and large windows. Windows bring in light, and light can make or break any space.

The contrast between the darkly elegant furnishings and the use of light is very well suited to the overall design. There are a lot of earthy touches as well. Earth tones convey a natural, raw air that can look both expensive and very classy.

The color palette mostly consists of browns, black and gray. There are white accents that round off the room. Black is found in the leather recliner and the coffee table. The coffee table is a long, sophisticated piece that is instantly classy and modern. The modern furniture when juxtaposed with the other classical furnishings are a great touch as well.

A good suggestion for rooms like this would be to reduce the amount of objects and make the space look less cluttered.

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