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Intricately Carved Wooden Furniture for Sitting Area

Carved Wooden Couch

Carved Wooden Couch

A sitting room should be the most homely, warm, and pleasant area in the entire house. When you have guests over, you want them to feel at home, and you want them to experience a pleasant atmosphere. A sitting room is also a great place for conversation. The Indian styled couch over here can be described with a single word- divine. The natural, rich color of the wood emphasizes warmth and antiquity. The couch is built large in structure, with plenty of space between the short legs. The wood is intricately carved into patterns that resemble the Mughal dynasty’s architecture in India. The amount of details in the wood is very impressive. It clearly shows how much time and energy was put in to create this piece of furniture.

The cushioning is done with the surroundings and wood in mind. To conjure a warm atmosphere, the colors of the sunset are used- orange and yellow. The pair of bolsters and the cushion are a smooth, bright orange, rich and glowing. The space of the seating area is large, showing how comfortable the couch really is.

The surroundings of the couch are as wonderful as the couch itself. and it stays within the theme of warmth and antiquity. The use of candles is always appealing. The small windows like indents in the wall, surrounded by grey frames, have a pair of candles in each. The candles are orange and blazing yellow where the fire is lit. There are beautiful patterns on these structures as well.

The wall is orange. It gives off a strange feeling of age and experience. It fits right in alongside the couch. The sunset theme of this sitting area encourages conversation and pleasance like no other.

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  1. I don’t normally respond to articles but I will in this case. Interesting post. Where did you got all the info from? Anyhow thank you for this wonderful article! Regards, Alysia.

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