Living Room Interior Designs — October 12, 2011 at 2:50 pm

Italian luxury living room


From the very first sight I fell in love with this Italian furniture manufacturer. Welcome Giovanni Sforza, company  named after an Italian condottiero, lord of Pesaro and Gradara and first husband of Lucrezia Borgia. 

Look at the amazing and deep details. Very nice leather sofa with the proper expensive feel to it. Leather holders for your favorite photos. Contrasted area rug on the floor and black table lamp. Print silk walls adds atmosphere to the composition.

Shiny sofa and chairs make this one with an addition of an amazing solid black glass table in the middle of the room and small champagne table near the sofa.

Another interesting composition. Leather sofas are looking impressive with totally dark walls and natural stone coffee table. Interesting vase and miniature sculptures add details to the feel.

Not sure if things can get even more luxury look then this rich leather detailed room. Leather texture and big black and red chandelier make this one. And don’t forget to look at that amazing table lamp.

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  1. these are very creative , love it !
    - great creator.

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