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Italian sofas in your living room


So you have your big new living room, painted walls into something neutral and warm or used some wooden tiles. So now what? We have to select the most important living room object – sofa!Sofas are probably 80% of your overall living room look and feel. And we don’t want someone’s impression to be ruined, right? So we are going for best of the best, and that is Italian designers. They are true magicians in creating amazing pieces and having nice curves, plus of course you can be sure that materials or leather that will be used will be real top notch. Italian crafting masters using expensive and solid materials most of the times, and 100% of the times with best brands.

This is a very amazing piece, look at the geometry in this one. There is only one small con in this, you WILL need a big living room for it. It will not look nearly as good in a smaller room. And you can use many contrasts like dark rug or even some colors like red and orange with it, if you need to spice up the dimension.

Another nice piece. I call it old school modern. It really feels like 50s-60s, but at the same time it have slightly more modern shape. Color is perfect, as you will not see signs of use for quite some time with this color and leather. feel free to use it with black, brown or white rugs and some other modern furniture objects.

Plain and simple here. Warm wooden tiles on wall, matching floor and cozy fur pillow. Sofa is somewhat square type, but don’t let the strict look fool you, it will fit perfect for a nice evening with that amazing new book you have near that floor lamp.

This one, well I really want this one for own house. It have some personality and is very nice for a big spacious room. For example you can turn one side to your hdtv and the other to your fireplace or floor windows with a nice landscape behind them. Leather is soft nappa with used effect applied. If not the price tag of 13,000 euro, I’d go for it right here, right now.

This is great looking piece if you have business partners often coming to your place. It is a nice mix between good solid sofa and executive meeting one.

Thank you for looking and reading!

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  1. We look the top Sofa and are keen to acquire one for a Client. Please let us know the name of designer or maker. Thanks for the assistance.

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