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Kitchens always require considerable attention to detail and ease of maintenance. This room is the most frequented and most likely to suffer the effects of spills and scratches. Having a kitchen that is open to any other room of the home is always a nice touch as it does not isolate any member of the family.

Take a look at this kitchen; with its shiny surfaces, it is perhaps more suited to apartment living though it can be adapted to individual homes as well. It has been built with convenience in mind. The kitchen area itself is very well lit with the placement of small lights on the ceiling. The cooking area and the dining area are close to each other. The large sectioned window facing the dining area is bound to throw in natural light to the entire room. This is a space saver as one large room has been sectioned off into cooking and dining areas.

The black floor matches the counter tops and the dining surface. The granite finish is easier to clean and retains the sheen for a long time. The lighter pine wood frames on the window matches the kitchen cabinets with a panel along the divider. This also makes for a lighter effect and is in contrast to the black flooring. The chairs at the table are light weight and have a curved back for a higher degree of comfort. There is a perfect blend of formality and informality.

The table itself has been beautifully laid out with the orange colored runner in the middle. The crockery placed matches the runner and add a brightness and elegance to the table. This dining table can also be used during homework time when children come home from school and as they wait for their dinner.  Simple, and yet bold; this kitchen is easy to build when you want to remodel your own kitchen.

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