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Laminate Flooring for Your Home Interiors


Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring

Flooring is an aspect of interior design that one must and does pay enough attention while remodelling a home or constructing a new home. One of the types of flooring that is fast catching the attention of many is the laminate flooring. This flooring consists of synthetic flooring products that is mulit layered and which are fused together. There is no end to the kind of designs you can have in laminate flooring. Some of them are simulated wood or stone that an applique photgraphic layer that is right under the transparent uppper layer which is meant for protective purposes. Fiber board material and a resin that is called the mealmine resin is the layer that is in inner core. Laminate flooring are very attractive, not expensive and are fairly durable.

The two major kinds of laminate flooring are the direct pressure ones and the high pressure ones. The high pressure lamination flooring is more expensive as the core material in this type is subjected to heated lamination. This helps in keeping the floor dent proof and scratch proof. The direct pressure laminating material is subjected to low temperature and low pressure treatments and careless use could result in permanent dents or scratches.

Installing laminate flooring is far easier than installing any other kind of flooring. Unlike older trends in laminate flooring which have to be installed by coating a layer of  glue, the current ones in the market come with click lock mechanism that have glue already in the product and a wet swipe activates it.

The advantage of laminate flooring is that it can easily be cleaned by a mere swipe of wet cloth, it is less expensive than other kinds of flooring and come in a number of attractive designs. Care should be taken to ensure that water does not pool over a laminate flooring as prolonged water stagnation can damage the clear transparent layer above and subsequently the core layers under.

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