Bedroom Interior Designs — March 21, 2011 at 1:25 am

Light up your bedroom artistically

Artistic lighting

Artistic lighting

A bedroom is made appealing by many small things and characteristics. Colors, lighting, and many more are included in these. I find that a bedroom is truly beautiful if it looks homely. Hotels are yet to master this use of design, to make one really feel like he is in a home.

The picture shows us a lovely design of a bedroom. The walls are a smooth brown shade, darker than the bed cover. The floor is along the same theme, except it seems a lighter shade of brown, closer to ochre than brown.

The bed is located in the center of the room. Its light brown wooden base and head contrast with the walls. The mattress looks soft and comfy, perfect to sink in. The cover is a brassy brown, duller than the walls. The pillows are four in number, with two being the same color as the cover, and the other two contrasting, being much darker.  Beside the bed is a uniquely shaped table, with a long, cylindrical light sitting on it. The light gives out a huge amount of light, blazing yellow and making the whole room look extra beautiful.  On either side of the bed are two night lights, small and stylishly made. On one side of the wall is a very different type of hanging lights. It resembles a large bunch of white circles stuck into a horizontal cross like shape. This piece of decorative lights captures the eye immediately, as its color contrasts with the rest of the room and its shape and positioning is so unique. Overall, this bedroom is not too bad. It seems a bit empty and too simple to my eyes, but it is also warm and homely, with a well designed lighting system and a comfy looking bed.

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