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Light up your kitchen

Well Lit kitchen

Well Lit kitchen

Home decoration has gone way beyond the painting of the walls and placing some well loved objet d’art. Lighting is one critical aspect of home decor that deserves this love and attention. A room can get a complete change-over and start feeling different with artistically placed lights. The ambience you are looking to create is what makes the decision on the kind of lights you want in your living area.

If you are looking to remodel your kitchen, take a look at the picture here. The light color of the woodwork absorbs all the natural sunlight that comes in through the blinds. The strategy deployed here to offset the light blue and white by using red seats on the dining chairs, and the single vase of red flowers has immense appeal.

When you have finished cooking and have laid the table, you can switch off the lights of the rest of the kitchen area leaving just the spotlight hanging above the table. This lends a very cozy atmosphere to the diners and leaves the working surface completely in the dark.

It is all a matter of strategic placing of lights in various sizes and shapes to make the work area distinct from the rest of the room. In the kitchen here, red seats actually accentuate the white table and white backs of the chairs. Not only that, this also throws a bit of relief from the rest of the room with its predominantly blue color.

Cabinets along the wall are always a good use of space. This leaves the floor space well alone. That is why the dining table and four chairs have enough space around them for moving around. This is important when you bring the dining room into the kitchen; yet, the perfect arrangement for a small family.

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