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Light Up Your Room

Light up your rooms

Light up your rooms

The lighting used in a room is vital in its attractiveness. This room is an ideal example of that statement. It is a relatively large room, and therefore requires a lighting system that somehow lights up the whole place. But it’s hard doing that while keeping the handsomeness of the room intact. Imagine trying to light up a large area by using a lot of lights. This makes the room cluttered and sometimes overly lit and bright. The lighting system in this room, centrally lit, works brilliantly.

The room has of a beautifully polished floor, perfect for reflecting light. In the center of the room is a square low walled area with a potted plant in the middle. The walls are wooden and a deep shade of brown in color. They have indents on one side to leave space for three separate vases. This shows how spacious the room is. All the walls have spaces for ornaments and other things, as seen. The ceiling is painted a pure white, adding some serenity to the room. The room is otherwise either brown or darker brown.

The ceiling also has the main component of the room’s design. This main component is the circular light, located right at the center of the ceiling. The light seems to glow in circular waves, coming from the center. This system showers the entire room in light excellently. The yellow light adds warmth to the room setting. Without this, the room’s exquisite parts can not be seen properly.

Overall, the room scored above average for me. It loses out on the aspect of being homely, and it also is slightly empty looking. But on the good side, its lighting system is wonderful and it is decorated well. The room is filled with plenty of warmth, and seems like a good place to relax or to have a pleasant conversation.

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