Bedroom Interior Designs — February 12, 2011 at 12:58 pm

Lighting in Bedroom

Lighting Effect

Lighting Effect

The bedroom here is the epitome of the varying style of lighting a room. The room is full of warmth. The colors fill the room with warmth, even without lights. It is filled with hues of brown, beige, yellow, and orange.

The bed is set slightly lower than usual beds, and is covered with a beautiful, soft looking bed sheet with creamy patterns of beige and brown. At the head of the bed are two bright orange pillows, fluffy at the ends. There is contrast as well, in the dark brown wood behind the bed. To bring a homely feeling to the bedroom, there is a possibility of hanging pictures or paintings there. To the sides of the bed are two windows, identical and with grills being a polished shade of brown.

This bedroom is full of space to keep things on shelves or hang things. Parallel to the bed is a wooden shelf attached to the beige wall, on which there is space to put art pieces or other decorative items. Also, on either side of the bed, there are platforms to put things like lamps or maybe books for night reading.

The whole room is lit by yellow lights that add to the feeling of warmth. It seems like the entire room is glowing in pulses of yellow light, all coming from different directions. For reading at night, there is a light exactly above the head of the bed that showers the area in bright light.

The floor is carpeted. The patterns on the carpet are alternating shades of olive green and black, which are barely visible.

Overall, this bedroom design is decent. It makes use of warm colors excellently, but also seems to look empty. The windows’ grills look less than comforting, and the same colors used everywhere is a little cloying to the eye.

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