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Liven Your Living Room!


Okay – so you find your living room dull and drab. Right now you don’t have the budget to go in for remodelling and yet you want to make the room look bright and colorful and attractive. Not a difficult task really! With a little bit of intelligence, cunning and a good sense of aesthetics you can give your living room the much need change over! Let’s take a look at how this can be achieved shall we?

Change the paint on the wall. This is not an expensive proposition and can make a lot off difference to your living room walls. Use bold colors and make sure that you use contrasting colors to throw in that brilliant effect! Remember the importance of contrast colors – this is what is going to add zing to your room – change in colors. And Yes! The colors HAVE TO BE contrasting. The next thing to do is to change the color of your upholstery. Bring pillow or cushion covers, curtains, table skirts that are brightly patterned.  Change your rug to brightly patterned ones.

Potted plants that are bright and green or with exotic purples or red leaves too add a lot of color to your rooms. So what if you don’t have a green thumb. Go to your nearest nursery, ask around and take help from people who know enough about indoor plants. Get those plants to your living room and take the guidance of those who know to keep them live and healthy.

A nice colorful lamp can add brilliance and make your living room dynamic. There are many lamps available with assorted color changing function. The change it brings to your rooms will be truly breathtaking. Use colorfully beaded curtains aesthetically. Here again the choices are plenty. You can go with beaded curtains maybe with bells that jinlge gently. This creates a pleasant aura to your room. All these are inexpensive and can bring about a magical change to your living rooms!

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