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Living room décor with splashes of color

Add splashes of color to living rooms

Add splashes of color to living rooms

Small apartments are extremely popular in cities. Couples and nuclear families prefer small apartments despite the lack of space, because it is easier to maintain and afford. In big cities, where property costs a fortune, the smaller apartments are less costly in terms of rent and even sales. While the location of the property matters, size matters too.

This living room is small, no doubt, but it is designed perfectly. It does not look cramped or cluttered in any way. This is very important for good design. A good designer knows that space is everything. You can create the illusion of more space by using light colors and having lots of reflective surfaces and windows. At the same time, you can create the illusion of less space by using dark tones.

This living room is simple. It is a simple rectangular room that has pale blue walls. Colors are added to the mix with art work and objects. The colors are feminine and whimsical. There is nothing bold or frightening about the room. There is an aura of youthfulness to the space that is added to the place by the windows and the light.

It is very important to have lots of windows in a small apartment. One reason is that there is always a necessity to have natural light entering a space. The second reason is that cross ventilation and natural breeze are very important for a place to be clean and healthy.

There is an absence of too much furniture in the house. The sofa, coffee table and television cabinet are all that’s needed. There is a small fireplace in the room that exists more for decorative value than anything else.

When decorating a room such as this, try to walk on the wild side and experiment with bright colors and whimsical patterns.

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