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Living Room Decorated In Plain Colors and Sea Shells

Sea shells in the living room

Sea shells in the living room

These days, the big trend is minimalism and low key style. Minimalism seems to really display a sense of luxury and class. This is a wrong notion, because it does not matter what style you’re into. Anything can be made to look classy, sophisticated and luxurious.

This isn’t a very big room. In fact, it is rather a small living room space. It is compact and surprisingly simple despite the style of furniture and décor. The room is elegant but rather off beat in its choice of color. Most decorators and owners would have used basic pieces to create a minimalist effect in the room. These people have obviously gone off track and found a new kind of thing they want to do.

The color palette is strikingly simplistic. This ensures that there is a sort of juxtaposition of the minimalist trend and traditional tastes. The use of beige, cream and off white is overwhelming, but the use of these shades is necessary because of the size of the space. Small spaces generally need light colors otherwise they tend to look too small and cramped. Light colors give the illusion of increasing the size of a space however small.

The furniture is very conservative-chic. The high back chairs are very traditionalist, but they are off set by the modernity of the objects near them. For example, the lampshades on either side are very contemporary- the branch post and the shells on the glass topped table are very interesting, visually.

The overall look of the place may not appeal to everyone, but you cannot deny that this space is brimming with the charm of an individualistic design sense that is very hard to replicate. It is a great form of inspiration that really shows you that is possible to transform a space into a very livable yet gorgeous room.

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