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Living Room Designed with a Feminine and Romantic Touch

Feminine design for a living room

Feminine design for a living room

Girls would love a room like this. It is feminine, romantic and rather over-the-top.  It is not for everyone, but for teenage girls it is like a Julie Andrews dream.

The room reeks of luxury and opulence. It is very large and full of paneling, carpets and velvet upholstery. There are a lot of details that have been put into the decoration of the room. This room does not suit all people’s tastes, of course. It has not succumbed to the trend of minimalism and sleekness.

The femininity of the room is defined by the chandelier that hangs from the ceiling. It is very large and ornate, and exquisitely decorative. It provides more than enough lighting for the place, while seeming grand and elegant.

The walls are painted in three shades- ash lilac, orange rose and white. There is also a lot of plastered, low relief decoration in the room. It is very intricately done. The walls are complemented by the color of the furniture. The sofas are made of velvet and are a of an onion pink. Velvet is known as a very opulent material.

The aura of luxury is only added to by the carpets on the polished, hardwood flooring.  Carpets add a decorative air to the room. The Romantic, faux-Baroque style is wonderfully captured by the dressing table in the corner. Chinese fans have been hung on the walls instead of typical artwork.

Remember that an essential part of a themed room like this is high ceilings, feminine colors and lots of excess fabric and carpet. It is a classy place to reside in, without being too pretentious or over the top. Have fun with the design and put your personality in it.  Accessorize cleverly and avoid bright, tacky colors such as neon green and yellow. Try to use complementary shades instead of clashing tones.

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