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Living Room Furnished in Leather

Leather Furniture

Leather Furniture

Leather is a tricky material. On the one hand, it can make a room look expensive and sophisticated. On the other hand, it is capable of making a place look incredibly crass and tacky. It is extremely hard to do it right. On top of all this, leather is a crime against nature- so there are a lot of ethical issues where it is concerned.

Leather is a hard, rubbery, shiny and expensive material. It takes a lot of good craftsmanship to create an acceptable product with a sophisticated finish. If you’re planning to use leather furniture in your house, either spend a lot of money on it, or avoid using leather at all. Expensive leather is the best leather, because it does not reek of gaudiness and vulgarity.

When looking for a color, definitely veer away from lighter shades of leather. White might be a classy color, but it is capable of making a place reek of “new money”. If you’re intent on getting white furniture, stick to canvas covering or cotton fabric. Shiny white leather resembles cheap spandex.

A good caramel colored leather sofa is the best bet. This tone can create a vintage feel to a place. Caramel leather has been used for many years and has come from two centuries prior. Darker shades like chocolate brown or black are good for leather too. Darker colors immediately indicate sophistication and understated class.

Another option, and one that will appeal to most, is the use of faux-leather, also known as ‘pleather’. Pleather is a wonderful invention. It is like tofu for leather. Pleather is also cheaper. This in turn makes it trickier, so get pleather seating in a dark finish.

Don’t overdo the leather furniture. Juxtapose the leather armchair and sofa with dark wooden furniture. Explore vintage, heavy furniture that is well polished. This will add a masculine touch that will be great for a gentleman’s den or private office.

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