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Living Room in Turquoise

Living Room in Turquoise

Living Room in Turquoise

Beauty is personified in the living room displayed here. The colors melt into each other, creating a stunning cooling effect. The room is literally drenched in turquoise, and in a good way. The walls are a smooth shade of the color, reasserting the theme of the room. The room is relatively small, but not cluttered in any way.

It has a calming effect on the eyes- with its combination of the colors turquoise and white. The plushy, soft chairs with short legs that sit opposite the sofa scream comfort. Light filters into the room from the tall and elegant window, which is framed by intricate and pretty lacy curtains. Hanging from the ceiling, matching the translucent curtains, is a small chandelier, shining and sparkling.

The entire floor is carpeted with brown and beige stripes. To bring in a change in the periodicity of the floor, there is a simple rug, with blue, brown and white stripes, on which is a thin legged center table.

The center table has plenty of space for magazines, books, or plain old decorations. The slim table top is a rich blue, and it seems perfect next to the turquoise sofa. On the two seating sofa, there are two white, patterned cushions. Beside the sofa, there is a slim white lampshade, matching the drapes and the cushions. To add to the matching whites, the shelf attached to the wall has plenty of space- notably for a white flower vase.

This living room defines a sense of calm and peace. The room here is a perfect sanctuary for complete relaxation and demands that you sit here enjoying a good book or listening to music. From the drapes to the lampshade, from the chandelier to the walls, it’s a turquoise wonder.

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