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Living Room is NOT just for TV Viewing!


Living Room

Living Room

Living Rooms are the places where you can and most certainly are going to showcase your creative interior decoration ideas. You are definitely going to make this place attractive, wholesome, comfortable and elegant. This is the place where you are going to welcome your guests and visitors and are going to make them feel cozy and relaxed. Most of us can and do go wrong in creating the perfect ambience for this room. We are so caught up in trying to do many things to make this room look lovely that we sometimes tend to overdo it. At times we also tend to undermine the function of the living room by laying undue emphasis on certain objects which should not be the case. The living room is also the family den and the room which is a kind of meeting place for all members of the family. So where can you go wrong in living room décor? Plenty of places! Let’s look at one of them.

Living room is one of the most common room where all the family members choose to watch TV. While there could be a few TV sets in other rooms like the bedrooms or the kitchen, it is the living room that is most popular for TV viewing, at least in most of the households. Well then do not make the mistake of making this room a kind of sanctuary for the TV. Many create an interior design or décor to make the entire living room actually revolve around the TV set. This actually defeats the purpose of the living room – family gathering together to converse and exchange news about the goings on of the day. If the living room were set to be some kind of a shrine for the TV, then more often than not the TV takes over and there is hardly any exchange of words. This is one case where the room takes over the people.

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