Living Room Interior Designs — May 30, 2011 at 4:07 pm

Living Room Kitchen Combo Interiors


Today more and more people are opting for a living room cum kitchen model. This is not only those who live in apartments but also those who live in independent houses.

Not a bad idea since most of the household members get to relax at home only the evenings and it would be really nice to exchange pleasantries and exchange news while one is working in the kitchen and others are relaxing in the living room.  This way one can totally relax while cooking knowing that one is not just within hearing distance from the other members of the family but also within viewing distance.

But when you plan for a kitchen cum living room, quite a bit of care should be taken to ensure that the spaces do not clash. Some would like to go in for a semi detached kitchen while others wouldn’t mind the kitchen being a part of the extended space of the living room. The parents can over see the homework of the children while getting the dinner ready. One can use the dining table if one would like to bring work home. It is certainly one of the most comfortable space to work on your laptop and yet be within the presence of the family.

When you choose to design a kitchen cum living room, what you must ensure is that the two should be totally independent spaces. Have your kitchen cabinets within the vicinity of your work space. Make sure that the plumbing and garbage disposal units are well sealed and protected from any kind olfactory intrusion. It is imperative that kitchen is kept spic and span and grease free at all times. If not it could be a constant irritant when you are lounging in your living room. With all the above aspects well taken care of you kitchen-living room combo should work ideally for you!

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