Living Room Interior Designs — June 15, 2011 at 12:20 pm

Living Room Lighting


When you have taken a lot of effort and spent a fairly good amount of money to make your living room a very special place it is only right that the lighting aspect of the living room too is well taken care of.

I mean there is not point in have a beautifully decorated living room if it did not show off well due to careless lighting. The good news is these days there is a great deal of versatility in the choice of lighting and you can certainly find the right fixtures to suit your living room and make it look elegant and attractive. The idea is to visually brighten up all the fixtures that need to be focused and also ensure that the shadow play does not interfere to dullen some parts of the room.

Choose lighting that can be regulated or adjusted. Sometimes you need a set up that is not very bright but cozy and sometimes you need a set up that brightens the room. Make sure that the luminosity of the lights can be adjusted from dim to bright as this would offer you enough choice to create the right bit of lighting whenever needed. If you have a work of art that is beautiful and you would like to make that your focal point, choose a lighting system that allows you to beam the light on to the object. If could be the wall or a particular corner of your room.

The choice of lighting is many. Chandeliers give the appearance of grandness and would look amazing in a large traditionally styled living room. Exquisitely designed table lamps too do add to the elegance of a room. You can also choose to have handing lamps in uniquely designed lamp shades to create an aura of grandiose. If you want your living room lit up brightly choose halogen lamps or LED lights. It is also important that you keep all your lighting fixtures dust free and clean at all times and have the lights fixed in such a way that you don’t see ugly wires running through or hanging out in places!

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