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Living Room's Interior Design and Décor

A splash of yellow in living room

A splash of yellow in living room

How important is color in a room? That’s a rhetorical question. Clearly, in interior design, color is extremely important. A room can be spacious, uncluttered, clean, but if it’s colored badly, there’s no point in it even existing. Color brings along contrast and various other effects. For example, white can produce a calming, pleasant effect, while yellow can be happy with its sunshiny beauty.

The room in the picture involves some amount of contrast. A comparison of black and yellow always looks good. Bright yellow, in the company of dim, dark, classy grey, looks brilliant. I feel that black or grey along with any bright color like green, yellow, and red, looks good.

An important thing to notice is that the grey in the room is very different , in a good way. The grey on the soft looking sofa material looks extremely classy. The sofa itself is very well designed. It’s not just good looking, but also has plenty of space to sit and lie down. The velvety cushions are the same color as the sofa.

The floor of the room is carpeted in light grey, with a yellow rug on it. When I first saw the floor, I realized how much it looked like a bright yellow sun on a grey background. Sitting partially on the yellow rug is a strangely shaped chair, facing the flat screen television attached to the light grey wall.

Away from the sofa area is a white table with silvery grey cabinets beyond it. Two of the four chairs are yellow, while the other two are white. Overall, this living room is quite the beauty. It has a large amount of space, has a good lighting system through the white lanterns and lights attached to the wall, and is not cluttered at all.

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