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Living well

Living room

Living room

The television or living room is simple and relatively easy to maintain. There is nothing really unique about it, and it seems to be empty.

The wall behind the television is a clean white. There is a pair of candles attached to the wall, decorated with black protrusions like tree branches. Below one of these candles is a group of three differently sized vases, all slim and tall. They are all a deep blackish blue shade. These vases look out of place to me. But, there is a strategy here.

The television is a flat screen, attached high on the wall, easy to look at. The floor is a dark wooden color, earthy in its glow. The floor is polished well, as it reflects the vases easily. The center table is small and too small to hold much more than magazines and perhaps the television remote. The table is of  a  rather strange color combination of black and gold that looks more like a rattlesnake than a table.

The sofa takes up the majority of the room’s space, and this could go either way.  The velvety cushions and sofa contrast well with each other, but the color may look  dull. The sofa is a stone grey, and the cushions are a blood red. The sofa is too close to the television at one point, making it hard to watch television while sitting on one side. The vases above the sofa match the sofa well, but it still does not change the fact that the color is dull.

Simply put, the room is unusually designed. The colors are few and may not appeal to all.  many people might think that the center table is too small, and seems to be more of a hindrance than a center table, and the sofa is dull, not bringing any of the warmth that should be present in a living room. However, to each his own.

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