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Loft! The Most Ignored Place in Interior Décor!




Very true. People are so caught up in paying attention to the bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms that very little attention is paid to the loft during revamping to enhance its interior décor.  But then this most ignored space too can be used to enhance the beauty of the house! Many may wonder if decorating a loft could be any different from decorating a normal room. The answer is no – with the wise use of technique that incorporates wall decoration, rightly chose fabric and correct lighting.

In fact it is a very exciting prospect to decorate a loft. This is perhaps this is a wide open space and it is often uncluttered, unless we choose the loft to dump odds and ends that is not being used. While in earlier time this space just under the room was often used as a storage space, now many have chosen to de-clutter their homes and hence we are left with a lovely space for us to do what we want with it! If you home is furnished with contemporary furnishings, continue to do the same with your loft too. Furnish it with furniture with cool curvature and sleek lines! Choose a pale color walls to give this space a feeling of openness and more room.  Choose carpets that go with you wall colors. In fact you can choose accented colors to make the room lovely and attractive by providing a neat contrast. They could be colors that stand out like yellow, orange or red. Don’t go overboard about it  – just the right accent to give it a lovely contrast and style enhancement.

The accessories you choose for your loft could be simple flower vases, candle stands, or small plants in cute pot holders. Go ahead and give you loft the much needed style. Use this space and use it well.

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