Bedroom Interior Designs — February 3, 2011 at 2:59 pm

Luxurious Bedroom

Bed among the fishes

Bed among the fishes

This is an extremely luxurious bedroom. A room like this requires a tremendous amount of maintenance and care. Not everyone can get to have this kind of bedroom.

The view from the bed is incredible. How many people can claim to be able to see an entire marine ecosystem from the comfort of their own bed, and not be talking about their television sets?

This room is tunnel shaped. The color theme is blue, brown and cream or white. The brown flooring and furniture are a warm and welcome contrast to the coolness of the blues. The carpeting and upholstery keep with the marine theme and are found in various shades of blue, from cerulean to grayish-blue to smoky.

With a view like this, one does not need extras like a television set or computer. The room is almost bare and simple, with two lampshades on either side of the master bed, and a small round table with fruits near the foot of the bed. The room is decorated with models of boats and other wooden objects expressing a love of the ocean.

The aesthetics of the room are simple and luxurious. Wood always makes a room look more expensive. Darker blues are also capable of making a room look more sophisticated. The glass ceiling adds a glossy effect to the entire room. The blue of the water, when reflected against the ground, looks beautiful. Imagine the kind of shadows and patterns the fish swimming around the room will create!

The room may seem extreme to some, but it looks incredibly refreshing and fun. The carpet is classy, as is the rest of the fabric. It looks like the sort of bedroom Batman would enjoy. With its sleek design and monochromatic color scheme, it might as well be!

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