Apartment Interior Designs — March 13, 2013 at 3:31 pm

Luxury and style objects: mirrors



Mirrors take an important role in your interior and decor. How to choose your special mirror out of many different ones. Circular mirrors, decorative, vintage mirrors and don’t forget about many possible colors.



Vintage mirror just above the fireplace matches overall style of the decor used in this interior. Luxury gold plated mirror frame fits wall light and chandelier in an impressive way. 



Similar idea but look how different it looks in this room. Huge square mirror with a bold black frame. Frame is blending harmoniously with the other matching frames in the room. 



Very common thing people usually do. Put your wall mirror above your drawer chest, which also performs bar function. Circular form of the mirror strangely fits square frames of the paintings creating a geometry right there on your wall.



Interior designer had a tough work trying to find matching mirrors for this bathroom. What he or she did here, was matching the mirror frame with vintage faucets – looking very good!



Original solution in this drawer chest – implemented sink. Pinstripe framed mirror is an ideal pick. From your first peak at this image, I’m sure you could not tell it was a bathroom that you see here. I also like a lavender/white couch that matches the chest. Good and solid colors. 



Another refined bathroom. Perfect color theme consists of black and yellow accents that convert this otherwise very cold and simple interior into luxury and unusual. Mirrors are carefully picked mainly because of the color and pinstripes, just like chest of drawers


Thanks and come back for more!

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