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Magnificent Tradional Dining Room Interior


Interior decoration is an art. A home decor could be simple and subtle or bold and ostentatious. Here is a dining room that is the latter – bold and ostentatious.  These days not many actually bother to have a separate room for dining. It is almost always an extension of the kitchen or a living dining room combination. It could well be due to the way of life one leads. It is more convenient to have the dining room as a part of the kitchen or as an extension of living room.

But if you are one of those people who think dinner time is the time for family to get-together and you don’t want the distraction of the TV and if you want all the members of your household relax over the meal you should think of going in for a separate dining room. You of course need to have a large enough house to go in for this. The dining room in this image is a proud example of the importance of a dining room in a household.

One may think that this room is furnished with dark colors. But it does add a touch of class to the room. There is nothing soft or subtle about this decoration. The floors are heavy wooden oak panels and so are the dining chairs and table. The table is large enough to seat at least six people. The wall colors too are a dark brown to match the flooring. The Zebra patterned wall panels match the wall colors and the flooring tiles.  The decorator has brought in a neat contrast in the choice of the carpet and curtain colors. Both are with large floral patterns.  The floral centerpiece too complements the decor. There is a touch of tradition and symmetry here. The large chandelier right above the table adds to the importance of the theme – A Formal Dining Affair! This is a room that could inspire many who would like add a formal dining room to their homes.

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