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Make glass a central part of your interior design

Glassy view

Glassy view

Glass allows people to see through things to look at other things. Is this important in interior design? More than you think. Glass floors and walls look clean, suave, stylish, and easy to maintain. Of course, as long as you don’t break the glass, and you clean it once in a while, it’s pretty much easy to maintain. But these days, glass does not always break so easily. Think of car windshields. Usually, even a hard kicked football can’t even come close to harming it. Glass of that quality looks the same as normal, delicate and easily breakable glass, but breaks less easily. The glass used here is usually extremely thick compared to normal glass, and will most definitely be supported on the side or below. For example, without the shafts of cement holding the glass in the picture, it would be easier to damage.

The most important part of this design is the staircase. It is a novel way to build a staircase. You would love to have a glass staircase, especially if you had something under it. For example, in the picture, there’s a bed of pebbles and plants underneath the glass stairs. People will obviously look at this through the glass stairs. The vital thing to notice for someone looking into this design is how solid it is. If you look carefully, you’ll see that the glass is doubly supported. A cement bit of stone winds its way down the staircase to hold it from the middle. On either side of the shaft of stone, steel supports hold the glass platform which is the steps, of course. This staircase is an ideal way to design in a house, because it is safe, beautiful, and easy to maintain. It can also fit in anywhere; because it is not colored in any strange shade that may clash with another. It looks good wherever you put it. It is not too steep, and so climbing it will be pretty comfortable too.

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