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Make many colors work well in interior design

Multi colored living room

Multi colored living room

The time when designers used only a meager choice of colors to create designs is over. Now, we see color combinations like this. Multicolored splashes of furniture, walls, ornaments, and cushions now exist in the world of design. The key to creating designs with such color themes is to make sure colors don’t clash, firstly. The second most important thing to make sure is that the colors don’t take attention away from the things underneath them. The colors should complement the room, not make it up. You shouldn’t use a lot of color, making the room look like a multitude of rainbows. Using colors in specific areas, making sure they look good in those areas and perfecting how much color to be used is all part of the designer’s job here. In this room, the designer has made sure the room is bright, colorful, and has a happy, fun personality, which is a perfect addition to any room.

The room in the picture is not just a mixture of many colors, but of many styles and themes. The room seems to be brimming with happiness. The walls are pink, not a feminine, bubblegum pink, but a joyful one rather. The flowery patterns all over it, along with the display of a horizontally hung surfboard make this Hawaiian styled room quite the design. The curiously shaped yellow table, sitting on the pink carpet, surrounded by sofas and sofa chairs of the colors green, blue, pink, and olive green, look like the contents of a bag of sweets. The window frames are green in color, and the section of area behind the blue sofa is covered partially by curtains. This room is creative, full of life and energy, stylish, spacious, and comfortable. It represents many things a person would want to have in his house, and as a living room.

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