Bedroom Interior Designs — February 10, 2011 at 5:37 pm

Making Small Spaces Look Big


There are many ways to achieve a sense of space in a small living room, bed room or any other room for that matter. Those small apartments in large cities do sometimes look cramped and the entire exercise of designing it to make it look good sometimes can result in cramped and overcrowded rooms.  This is why it is necessary to plan your designing and feel the after affect in your minds before you go in for redecoration. Now there are many ways to make a small room look large.

Start with eliminating the shadows that are more than likely to slice up the room and divide them into small spaces. Now a soft light that evenly spreads across the room will produce the effect of spaciousness. Try not to go in for ceiling lights as they are more than likely to create a sort of effect that would make the ceiling look lower than what it really is. The best lighting you could give the room would be diffused lighting.  This sort of lighting will surely give it a spacious look.

Remember to use light textured flooring. Almost invariably heavy textures give the room a cramped look and on the other hand light textures reflect light and make it look larger. If you can, choose tiles over carpets or any other form of textured flooring. The best colors that tend to make a room look large are cream, off-white, beige, gray or other pale pastel shades. Go in for those. Remember to color the ceiling in lighter shade than the rest of the room.

When it comes to placement of furniture, choose them right. Always keep the largest piece of furniture against the wall and not the center. Also remember to choose the color of the furniture to match that of the walls of the room. With things like these taken care of, your room is sure going to look nice, big, spacious, comfortable and welcoming!

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