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Making The Best Use of Your Basement


Basement Decor

Basement Decor

The word ‘basement’ almost always reminds us of dinghy dark corners and a room cluttered with all odds and ends that have been discarded from the house. They are usually storage spaces or a dumping room for all sundry items that one does not find immediate use for. But then remember basement too is a room in itself and one can surely use it – in fact many do – for playing games and even watching movies.  Basement are also used my many as a home office. The only challenge here is to make this part of the house too warm and welcoming.

Let’s look at the negatives of a basement. First of all, it is almost always below the ground level and hence one can certainly not get natural sunlight here. Most basements don’t have windows and even if they did they would be to the ground level which does not serve the purpose. Then basements are poorly ventilated. The positives are that this is a large enough space that can be used for purposes other than a storage room. In order to overcome the negatives one can have lights fixed that are nice and bright and don’t throw dark shadows at the corners.  Then to make up for the lack of ventilation go in for air conditioners here. This has taken care of the location aspect of the basement.

Now all that you need to do is to brighten this room up with colors. You don’t have to go in expensive and stylish furniture here. This is not the living room where you are going to entertain guests. This is the room where you are going to relax, play a game or two, watch TV and unwind. Use it for this purpose.  This also helps you in getting rid of your clutter and use  the space available in your homes to its maximum advantage.

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