Bedroom Interior Designs — January 31, 2011 at 6:42 pm

Minimalistic Bedroom Designing


It is not a difficult task to model your bedroom to suit your needs. There are so many ways that one can make a home feel warm and beautiful by making the best use of all the available space. This does not mean that that all the available space should be used to place artifacts or tapestries. All that it needs is aesthetic sense and feel. Let’s start with small bedrooms. Such rooms are more often than not cramped and could be even suffocating to say the least. But then designing a small bedroom to make optimum use of available space to include storage units and various other needs is not a difficult task. All that it needs is a bit of cleaning up and remodeling it in such a way that it becomes spacious and yet accommodates all your needs.

Compact Bedrooms

Compact Bedrooms

The first and foremost task here is to choose the right furniture. It would be sensible to go in for bedroom furniture that converts into an elegant sofa from a comfortable bed.  It would also be sensible not place the bed right in the middle of the room. Back it up against the wall to create more space. Also remember night stands in small bedrooms cramp the style and will definitely occupy more space. Go in for lamps that are neatly fitted right behind the bed. Do away with anything that is not going to be used – in other words remove all the clutter. This helps  prevent dust accumulation and keeps the room airy. Use mirrors that are not elaborately framed. True a bedroom does need storage space. Innovate and create storage spaces that do not cramp your style and that do not take up more space than necessary.

Use light colors not just for the walls but also for your curtains, pillows, bed spreads and cushions. Pastel shades would do just fine. Fortunately you don’t have to spend a ton for any of this. You can choose to design your bedroom on any budget. All that you have to do is to bear in mind that this is a private room, a room where you rest your tired nerves. It should be welcoming, soothing and comforting.

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