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Minimalistic Décor Need Not Be Bare


Minimalistic Decor

Minimalistic Decor

Why do you think many people choose a minimalistic style of decoration over others? They do it simply because this style affords a very relax ambiance which is absolutely necessary if you are one of those people who feel that living room is the place in your home to spend quality time with your family and completely unwind. If there is too many decorations or pieces of art one finds it hard to relax because one has to be very careful not to displace those objects and watch where one places one feet, or hands or arms! Decorating a room could be aesthetically pleasing, but it begins to get irksome when you have to ensure that the décor stays intact all the time. This is one of the main reasons those who want their living rooms to be a place to completely relax prefer a minimalistic style as a personal choice.

But this certainly does not mean that a minimalistic style should be completely devoid of all décor.  What should be remembered or taken into account when designing the room is how the room is going to be used by you and your family. It is always important to design the room for its functionality. Once the needs are understood, one can include furniture and other objects centered on these needs.  Do not hesitate to do away with objects that are not necessary. Comfort is of prime importance here and clutter surely does not give comfort. Since the minimalistic room is designed for comfort and relaxation, choose wall colors that are soothing and relaxing. Pale shades of green, blue, gray or beige could do the trick. You could give an accent with a dark color like burgundy or deep blue. Also repeat the colors in the room. It could be the fabric you choose for the curtains, the cushion covers or the rugs. Also make sure that you don’t use too many colors in the room.

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