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Mixing and Matching Colors and Patterns


Mix and Match Patterns

Mix and Match Patterns

One very exciting and important aspect of interior decoration is to create a soothing, elegant and refined aura using all your creativity and imagination. This could do with colors, themes, fabrics or patterns. It is often an integration of these elements that manages to create a magic to transform your living rooms from a drab interior to a stylish and sophisticated one. This for all practical purposes may seem a rather intimidating prospect, but it apparently is not. It is just a matter of your aesthetic sense taking over. Let’s take a look at how mixing patterns could transform your interiors and create something beautiful and unique.

You can start by identifying one particular pattern that dominates your living area. It could be polka dots, stripes, floral patterns or anything that stands out. It could be your carpet, your curtains or even your wall paper that holds this pattern. We can start from there. You have to use this dominant pattern as some kind of a starting point to do the rest of the room. Now how do we mix patterns? The only reference point here is the colors! You could have a floral pattern in blue, pink and white or a striped pattern in any color. Now the best way to mix and match pattern is to keep the color code in mind. Whatever other pattern you are going to incorporate stick to the colors and – lo and behold! – you now have an all together new interior which is unique, the patterns are mixed up and yet there is that uniformity still existing because of the colors. Remember don’t go in for more than three colors. Two would be ideal. Your designs can be a mixture of abstract and traditional too and yet they will match. So mix those patterns up, and match them, to create an all new decor in your living space!

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