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Modern and Stark Drawing Room

Modern and Stark Drawing Room

Modern and Stark Drawing Room

When you’re searching for a house to rent or buy, you rarely get the right one immediately. It takes a long while to find your favorite. In the same way, a room’s design can be changed in so many different ways, until you are completely satisfied. The design here seems to be more easily achievable and is one of the best I have seen so far.

It takes space and color to a whole new level. It utilizes the simple combination of black and white, and yet, manages to add contrast to the setting. The design looks clean and complex, but it is not all that meets the eye. If you look close, it isn’t that complex, and it isn’t that formal. Many designs look good and modernized, but they have a flaw- they are too formal to be part of a home. This feeling of formality can be changed by adding or taking away small things in the room- like accessories or lampshades.

The floor is pure white, with a light brown rug in the center, adding contrast to the black and white theme. The footstools sit in front of the long black sofa, and are a leathery black. The other sofas in the room are a creamy white, with golden wheat colored cushions. The side table has plenty of space on it, as well as under the table top, for things like magazines, bottles, and decorations. Next to the side table is an elegant and tall lampshade, which is white as well.

The low table under the flat screen has space for things like gaming consoles, video players, flower vases, and more. The wallpaper behind the television is the most eye- catching thing in the room. It consists of a background that is a dark shade of blue, with spiky and intricate patterns of black curling on it. The white curtains just emphasize the peaceful beauty of the room. It is a classy and homely living room, spacious and beautiful.

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